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Obaapa Christy slams Bro Sammy critics

Use your time wisely to make a good living and stop unnecessary criticisms, Ghanaian Gospel Musician Obaapa Christy has told members of the public.

Her comments were in reaction to some members of the public who are accusing colleague gospel musician Bro Sammy of concocting false stories about his involvement in an accident at Sefwi Asawinso in the Western Region.

The Public Relations and Welfare Officer of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Michael Kwaku Ola, is alleged to have said that the accident was planned, and called on the Ghana Police Service to arrest Bro. Sammy.

“There is no doubt he planned this poor drama with his manager Kofi. Very disgusting to say the least of a supposed pastor. Take a close look at his accident pictures, which nurse or doctor dresses wounds with blood stains on the plaster? Why, wasn’t the medical officer who attended to him well trained to first stop the bleeding before dressing [it]?” asked Mr. Ola.

“Look at his demeanour on the hospital bed. Liar! He suffered an accident, and there is not even an iota of trauma written on his face but a face of a poor actor? Check where he had sores in his cheek and arms, with blood-stained plasters, and compare with his album launch pictures. How did the dressing on his right arm, suddenly shift to the left arm?

“Where is the sore on the cheek too? Suddenly vanished? And we call these kinds of fake actors and confident tricksters gospel musicians? He did all that to promote his album launch. A technique of lying left for others but for a so-called pastor? Very sad.

“Police should arrest this guy for deceiving Ghanaians, and Christians should ignore such attention seekers. I pray no Christian attends his album launch promoted on the premise of lies and fake accident.”

But Obaapa Christy says individuals “nosing into other people’s private matters” should cease during an interview with Andy Favoured on Accra FM’s Gospel 360 programme on Sunday 17th April 2016.

According to her, she was heartbroken when she heard news of the accident and advised critics to invest in building their lives instead of floating needless allegations.

Gospel 360 airs every Sunday at 1 pm on Accra100.5FM

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