Friday , August 6 2021
Shile or Ayilor as edible clay.


‘‘Shile’’ or ‘’ Ayilor’’ as locally named is edible clay. It is commonly consumed by pregnant women. Eating it in pregnancy is not seen as an anomaly. It’s made from kaolin a type of clay used for ceramics. Kaolin can be used as an antidiarrheal medicine according to Dr. Michelle Berman a medical expert.

The craving of the edible clay because a lacks certain nutrients in their diets. Nutrients like calcium or iron which can be found in the clay. Pica is also another crave for the shile or Ayilor. This is a disorder for one to have the urge to eat non-food substances.

The issue of shile or Ayilor has been said over the years but people seem to have forgotten. And continue to crave greatly for it. Even though it’s good for some reasons, it also has bad effects. Some pregnant women say it helps to tame diarrhea, discomfort, nausea and others during pregnancy.

Some benefits of shile or Ayilor are, it helps clean heavy metals out of one’s body. It removes waste and helps to repair tissue cells. Ayilor also protects the body from aging early and disease. Other experts also say it’s possible the binding effect of it could cause it to absorb toxins.

Removing metal from the body is not necessarily good and this is a danger. Because iron for instance as a metal is essential to health, so there could be benefits. But there could be certainly harms with removing it from the body.

Shile also causes constipation and other complications in health. Therefore a medical expert advised that the eating of fruits could control the abnormal craving for shile or Ayilor.


Story by Pascaline Tengey/

Ayilor or shile are edible clay which has both good and bad effect on health.




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