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The actress Judith Iwu
Judith Iwu on her butt insuarance


Judith Iwu is a 42 year old and mother of three, from Owerri, Imo state, Nigeria. She has opened up to the public on her butt insurance.

The actress Judith Iwu
Judith Iwu on her butt insurance

According to Iwu, she insured her butt because she wanted to protect her buttocks in case of any accident. Judith made mention that many celebrities and young ladies out there are all getting BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift). Similarly, she only wants to care of hers.

Judith is also of the notion that big butt is an asset every woman would want. She says that young women and celebrities are all obsessed with big butts. In order to protect hers, she has to insure it from any harm.

Many big men, producers and directors in some parts of the world are only interested in signing you up ‘if you have a heavy backside’. Big butt sells on the screens nowadays and people pay to watch actresses with big backside.

Judith has a degree in Insurance from the University of Lagos and hence understands the need for insurance quite well. She added that she has no regrets doing that and it was in the right direction. The next body part she might insure is her legs.

How much she is paid depends on her looks and not just her acting skillS accoeding to Iwu. Having an injury would reduce income, hence, the need to protect it. Judith said, “Well, I have a natural backside that is in high demand by many women, who try to copy it. I keep my backside in very good condition, so I decided to insure them to prevent any risk.”

Additionally, Miss Iwu said “The entire point of insuring the buttocks, or any other body part for that matter, is to supplement a loss. Should any body part become injured, damaged, handicapped or lost, the individual should not be prevented from continuing to use it to generate income”.

She further stated that “the craze for BBL inspired me to protect the natural backside God blessed me with, hence the insurance”.

By; Maame Esi Kesewaa




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