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Producer proposes cremation of Nii Odoi’s body

Ghanaian movie producer, David Owusu has suggested that mortal remains of late president of Ghana Actors Guild (GAG), Nii Odoi Mensah should be cremated in China where he passed on last week.

His suggestion comes a week after Nii Odoi died in China and his body yet to be flown down to Ghana for interment.

Reports on Monday revealed that GAG does not have $25,000 needed to convey his body to Ghana. His family has also been quiet about preparations towards bringing the body down.

According to David Owusu, “they should cremate him and bring the ashes here in Ghana…That $25,000 can be used to do something better for the family he left behind in Ghana.”

“Whatever happens, he is gone to eternity…We need to look at those he left behind… that money can really be of help to them,” he told NEWS-ONE.

Veteran actor, Abeiku Sagoe told Hitz Fm on Monday morning, that the GAG does not have $25,000, an amount needed to take care of plane ticket and other expenses for the body. They are now seeking help.

He also debunked earlier reports that said that $68,000 was needed to bring down the body, saying such an amount could be used to build a factory to employ Ghanaian youths instead.

“$68,000! We must as well build a factory with it and employ many young people. I think the figure I have heard which I believe is the truth is $25,000. Initially, I heard it was $30,000 but from clarification, I got to know it is $25,000 and not $30,000. As for the $68,000s and that kind of figures, they don’t come in at all,” he said.

“The guild does not have $25,000. That is the truth. I have asked the executives how we are going to raise that…last week the executives called me to accompany them to the ministry, but the minister had traveled to the Brong Ahafo Region …and continued to the USA later in the day, so we didn’t meet her. We met one of the directors. I spoke to him, and he promised that he would talk to the minister…we hope to see her and see what can be done,” he added.

But David thinks whatever money is raised should be used to take care of his family back home.

The late Odoi Mensah died last week Monday in China where he went for kidney treatment.

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