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I know a lot about my husband's death
Image of Mohbad and his wife

I know a lot about my husband’s death.

I know a lot about my husband’s death, Mohbad’s wife speaks. Omowuni is voicing out that she knows a lot of causes to the death of her husband. According to her, she is being silenced by industries bullies over the singer’s death. As a result, she feels helpless since she is continually bullied by those having stake in the situation.

Adding that she always feels pains and tears running down her eyes whenever she remembers the incident of the DNA test. Her father- in -law Joseph Aloba is against her to have a DNA test of their son. This is to say her husband never mentioned the paternity of their son when he was alive.

She said “My husband was silenced because of the rumors they spread that he was on drugs. Now they are targeting me by releasing a voice note I recorded a few years ago for medical purposes”. Mohbad’s wife said they are attacking their only child by calling him illegal.

I know a lot about my husband's death
image of Mohbad

Her husband was mentally messed up when he was alive. She believed that he would have still been alive when he had continued speaking about his challenges. She stated “I begged him to speak out the last time they attacked him. He felt powerless against the influence of the industry gods so he couldn’t. because of his fear, he didn’t seek medical treatment after his injury. He believed that the medical system could be working with the industry and the doctors bribed to harm him.

I know a lot about my husband’s death but they won’t allow me to speak the truth. Eventually, if they kill me like they did to Mohbad just know I said it, Omowuni said. She established in her writing that she will protect Liami with her last breath. She said she was waiting for the court order to do the DNA test. Now she is being asked to take her son to her father in law’s house so that the test can be done.

She promised that she won,t do as the order says because Ilerioluwa left him as a gift for her. Liami is our only son and I will protect him till my last breath.


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