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on street hawking and pedestrian movement
street hawinking and pedestrians share road


Market women and men who run their businesses in the Kasoa have the habit of displaying their goods on the streets. In order words there is kasoa on street hawking.

Although stalls and spaces have been provided for these workers, they still display their goods along the pedestrian walkways and vehicles paths. Particularly, the stretch just by the over pass. Taking a stroll by it, one would realize that pedestrians and vehicles fight for a passage.

In the evenings, vehicles and passengers struggle through as these traders display their goods half way through the streets. Early mornings are somewhat better because a lot of traders have not come yet. However, in the afternoons, the street is left to these traders because a lot of people have gone to work.

on street hawking
kasoa street hawking some goods on display

The Ghana police makes constant calls to the traders to keep their goods in their stalls, yet it’s all fetal. The police say the traders complain about the customers’ unwillingness to go into the market and stalls to purchase.

The Head of the Ghana Police Service at Kasoa said they are still in talks with the traders.

“The traders claim the customers are always reluctant to come into the market and that is why they sell there” He also added “But we always sack them yet they always come. The situation is always under control”. Mr. David Senanu Eklu said.

The deputy also added that the police has always been these traders. Mr. Joseph Owusu Bempah said. “The Ghana Police is constantly here checking and making sure these traders sell at appropriate places. The issue however is the customers who refuse to go into the stalls and purchase”.

Some traders also shared their concerns on the situation

“It is not our intention to sell on the street but the situation demands that. The customers always want to get their goods but do not want to come into the market. We also want to get money so we bring the goods out”. Maame Akua a fruits seller shared.

“I have a stall in the market but because of the low market I have moved here to increase purchase. The main issue should be a talk with these people who come to buy”. Naa Ashorkor shared.

The public should desist from purchasing goods on the streets. We advice customers to go into the market and make purchase. Kasoa on street hawking needs to sop.


By; Maame Esi Kesewaa

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