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Deleted items and recovery of these items is either luck or bad A look through your phone and you find unnecessary contents you think you do not need anymore. What do you do when you see them? Do you just click on delete and it magically disappears? Even on computers, when you delete, it does not leave but goes into the recycle bin. Until you decide to permanently delete it from the machine, it’ll still be the.

Modernity, digitalization and social media allows one take photos and videos much faster. You take some which you are not even aware of. In the fast moving space of time, you consciously or unconsciously take snaps that are either too sensitive or inappropriate. Couples of this age and time now exchange nude and intimate photos of their bodies with each other.

Once these pictures and videos have been exchanged and you feel no need for them, you delete them. In the real world, what happens when you hit ‘delete’? People low in knowledge about technology think that once you click on delete, the item is deleted and gone forever. However, the truth is that, these deleted sensitive images and intimate moments are not gone forever.


Once you delete a picture or video from your device, it does not vanish automatically. It goes through a set of hidden places just so you can recover it later. The moment you hit delete, it moves to a hidden folder, often labeled as ‘Recently Deleted’, where it stays for a designated period before being permanently erased.

This file location serves as a kind of backup. It secures the deleted images and videos before they leave your device. The owner probably accidentally deleted them and hence it can be recovered later on. Once they are permanently deleted, they are however not instantly gone.


With technology advancements, these permanently deleted files can be retrieved. It takes one who is very skilled and knowledgeable to be able to apply his skills in retrieving them. Thanks to data recovery, these deleted files can often be retrieved. This ability often helps offices who have lost important office information and in need of them.

Much often than none, this allows for private or sensitive content of the owner to be retrieved in the process. Once these items are deleted, they are only not available to your eyes but on the digital space they can very much be seen.


Cloud allows your files to automatically save and backup. Hence, even after permanently deleting the files from your device, a copy is still up on your cloud. Unlike phone deletion protocols, cloud has its own way of permanently clearing contents. The only way to lose them is to delete the cloud account and make no associations with it. Similarly, as long as your account exists, there is the risk for those files to be accessed, intentionally or not.


Food for thought, consider what kind of pictures and videos you take. Consider the kind of sensitive and intimate content you save unto your phone. Take note not to share overly sensitive and intimate content on social media because the internet has a mind of its own. In today’s digital and technology era, absolute deletion is not assured.

Conclusively, be cautious and discrete with your digital content because deleted items and recovery of these items is higly possible.

By; Maame Esi Kesewaa


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