Monday , May 29 2023


Some Ghanaians agree with vice president, Dr. Bawumia’s comment on new born babies getting Ghana Card numbers within one month of birth.

They believe this exercise will help avoid stress the card comes with for the children when they get older. They also believe it will be of benefit to the children in their lives.

“I think that initiative by the government giving new born babies Ghana card numbers is a good move and it will help because eventhough they are new babies, they are Ghanaians. The Ghana card for sometime to come as the vice president says in his speech will even be recognised than the travelling paaport. I think it is laudable giving the numbers to the babies. Let us see what happens and how effective thay can tackle that,” a concerned Ghanaian said.

Another said, “I agree to the policy because it is a waste of time having to join a queue and quarelling with people just for the card. If the children receive it when they are born, their time will not be wasted when they grow.”

Again, “The Ghana card is becoming the most important ID and now you even go to banks and they like it when you use the Ghana Card for transactions. if government wants to give newborn babies Ghana card numbers then no problem.”

These concerns is in response to the statement the Vice president said when he spoke at Ashesi University on the theme, ‘Using digitization to transform an economy – The Ghana story.’

“Starting next year, it is envisaged that every new born child will within a year get a Ghana card number but the actual card will be issued when the child is grown and the biometrics are fully formed.”

Meanwhile, some citizens disagree with the government initiating such policy.

“I do not agree to that. The children are young and they know nothing. They do no know their right from their left.”


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