Saturday , October 31 2020


Welcome to Time with Ps. John

The hand plays an important role in one’s life, without hand certain things can never be done and done well. Your hands are made for wonderful performance, both physical and spiritual.

I speak as a servant of God and I charge you to use what you have in your hands, I can see miracles in your hands, power flowing through your hands for greatness, success in your hands, creativity in your hands, There is strength in your hand for mighty works. Then the Lord asks him, ”What is that in your hands?” “A Shepherd’s staff, Moses replied. Exodus 4:2

You will never know what you are carrying in your hands until; you decide to start doing something you have never done before, until Moses met the greatest storm that was when he realized what he was carrying up and down every day. Your hands were made for signs and wonders therefore value what you have in your hands. Bless you .See you on Friday.

Pastor John Fiagbor

The Lord’s Pentecostal Church Int.

Winneba, 0245639052.


Published by Sir Kaas/Pinkfmonline


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