Saturday , May 18 2024

Ghana Actors Guild Fires Vivian Achor

Remaining executives of Ghana Actors Guild (GAG) have on Monday reached a unanimous decision to allegedly ‘nullify’ the position of actress Vivian Achor, the Vice President of the Guild.

The decision follows her continues absence from steering the affairs of the Guild as the next in command after President Eddie Coffie passed on last year.
Vivian is allegedly cooling off in the USA where she allegedly resides at the moment.

Her absence however had left things hanging in the Guild, hence the decision to declare her position null and void for someone else to take over.

After a heated executive meeting on Monday afternoon, nominations for the positions of the President, Vice President and the welfare officer have since been opened.
The positions were previously occupied by the late Rev. Eddie Coffie, Vivian Achor and the late Solomon Sampah respectively.

Members who are ready for positions are however being asked to pick forms at the Guild’s office at an undisclosed fee.

A source at the Actors Guild told that “Vivian has been away for far too long. She was voted into power but the constitution also allows the other executives the mandate to replace her especially when she is not within the confines of Ghana.”

Vivian and the other executives were elected into office October 2014 and were eligible to stand for re-election after 4 years.



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