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Egyptian duped at Accra Mall

The desire of an expatriate based in Accra to acquire an Alsatian dog turned sour when the dog he bought turned into a different dog after bringing it home.

The Egyptian, who preferred to remain anonymous, told The Mirror that his young children have been on his neck for some time now for a dog to keep as a pet and to play with in the house.

Succumbing to the pressure by the children, he decided to drive along the Spintex Road together with his security to buy a dog.

The Egyptian said after driving around for a while in search of a white puppy with black spots, “someone directed us to go to the Accra Mall area as some guys sell dogs around so we drove there.”

He said upon reaching the mall area, they spotted some guys holding puppies for sale. They, therefore, approached them.

“Truly, they had various breeds of dogs, however, instead of a white dog with black spots, the guys had plain white dogs which I didn’t really like,” he explained.

According to him, he called his security man who was equally looking around for puppies to come for them to go back as the breeds were not the type he wanted.

“Just when we were about to leave, one of the guys approached us and informed us that he has one of the plain white dogs with black spots but it was at home so if we don’t mind, we can leave behind our contact number which we did and left”.

The next day, he said he received a call from the guy at the mall that he had brought the said breed that he requested for, so he quickly drove there with his security man to inspect and buy.

“We were indeed presented with a white puppy with black patches around the head, shoulder and tail for 350 dollars,” he said.

The Egyptian said when he got home with the puppy, he realised there was some black spots around where the puppy was lying but he didn’t know what it was until the children went to play with the dog when it rained on Easter Sunday.

“Instantly, the dog just changed into a white puppy with all the black spots vanishing,” he lamented. He said careful examination showed that the dog was the spotless white dog he rejected initially. In his opinion, the guys outsmarted him by spraying some dark spots around the dog to meet his request.

He, therefore, decided to call the guy to complain but the number was completely off. He went to the Accra Mall area where he bought the dog to search for him but he was not successful.

The expatriate, who felt cheated, said it was sad he was taken for a ride by those unscrupulous guys and warned other potential buyers to be careful with those they transact business with on the street, especially around the malls, adding, “You can be the next victim”.

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