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Ghana as a country since Kwame Nkrumah has developed. The country moved from a system of old colonial form of education into a more advance form of education.

This is as a result of westernization. With time our educational system has developed a particular format for education.

Also, the current educational system is to teach students a particular course and what it entails. Students normally study various courses for excellent grades .

To begin, the entire educational system is based on grades and academic oriented. Thereby not necessarily seeking to impart student or train them for the life ahead.

The educational system has become ‘chew and poor, pass and forget’. Students study what they are taught only.

Again, they do not use their mental capability. Every effort is towards getting good grades.

This in effect limits the individuals potential and talents. In other words their grades determine their worth which is not true.

Most importantly our educational system should focus on creating better people and not limiting potentials.

Furthermore, the educational courses which are available do not support  the job market. The big question is why? This is due to lack of proper planning and bad education structure.

For instance for courses like Commercial Art and Graphic design, employment is based on experience rather than certificate. In this field your abilities is the most important aspect.

Also in BSc Computer Science unemployment levels in this field are also generally similar -3.3% for graduate degree holders, and 4% for college degree holders.

Again in the course of Criminal Justice and Fire Protection, the report suggests that a graduate-degree holder earns just a little more than her colleagues with college degrees, with the exact percentage pegged at 18%

Similarly, The difference in unemployment levels in both graduate degree holders and college degree holders is just 0.8%.

Lastly there is no proper guidance and counseling towards choosing courses in the university. Students choose any course and come out of school not knowing what career to pursue.

Students come out of school ‘half baked’ with no experience. They do not know the demand of the  market.

In summary, this is a serious issue that should be addressed and proper measures must be taken to change or upgrade this systems for a better Ghana.


Story by: Cindy Anang/