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Wutah Kobby has failed as a solo artiste – Afriyie Wutah declares!

Wutah Afriyie, former member of defunct music group, Wutah, has stated that Kobby’s willingness for them to work together as a group again is as a result of the latter’s inability to succeed as a solo artiste.

A conversation between the two on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz on Tuesday saw the one-time formidable group blame each other for the split.

Afriyie recounted that Kobby recorded songs without his notice and was subsequently hit with an article in the newspaper that Wutah had split. But Kobby cited cheating and some people’s advice to Afriyie that he is the pivot of the group and can succeed on his own as the cause of their breakup.

The issue was sparked by a report on which suggested that both had decided to leave their difference behind and come back as a group to give their fans good music.

Though Kobby stated that Wutah called him and requested for the reunion, Afriyie indicated that Kobby wishes to come back because he [Kobby] could not succeed as a solo act.

“If he had succeeded when he went solo, do you think he would come back now asking us to reunite? He is the one who left; I didn’t sack him. You leave your wife and you realise the new one you married is not treating you well, you come back and you expect her to open her arms and welcome you?”Afriyie queried.

Afriyie recounted that he went through difficult times when Kobby decided to go solo. He mentioned that he will not be distracted by Kobby’s quest for a reunion.

“When he left in 2010, it was a disaster… The people who know me will attest to this. I was unemployed because I didn’t have a career. From nowhere my career came to a halt and I had to pick it up from scratch… just when I’m beginning to be relevant on my own as Afriyie in the minds and in the hearts of the people, something like this pops up. No, if this is a game they are playing, I’m sorry it is not going to work,” he said.

Kobby laughed out loud, an indication that Afriyie’s assertion that he is a failed artiste is untrue. Though Kobby stated he was willing to reunite at any time, Afriyie opined they would have to work on their egos.

“If we are to go back to where we ended, it will be another disaster because listening to the two of us now, nothing has changed. The egos are still there so I don’t see this happening now,” he said.

However, Kobby believes he has no issue with ego.

“I don’t have any ego problem. If he wants to work on his ego it is cool…” he noted.

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