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Wutah Kobby and Afriyie finally-finally reveal what led to the break-up of Wutah group

It’s been like 6 years when the group Wutah broke up. Calls and pleas from all walks of life for them to come back together proved futile.

Just last 2 days, stories started circulating that the duo, Wutah is finally back together but according to Wutah Kobby, the then leader of the group, the story is false, and he went on to finally revealed what caused the break-up of the group. This morning on Pluzz Fm, there was this back-and-forth between the two.

According to Kobby one half of the group, industry players were the main cause of the break up.

When asked on Pluzz Fm by Sammy Flex, what led to the break up, he said, “Industry players wanted to pull us away; they started pitching us against each other, saying one is better than the other, and that Afriyie was the one doing all the works and all that.”

He continued, “In 2010, we won 3 awards including Best Male vocal artist. When Afriyie won that award, I thought it was a blessing but it rather turned out to be a curse. To him, it finally confirmed what they’ve been telling him that, he’s the one carrying the group together.”

“We were given credit by MTN for winning the award, and all our stuffs we do, we share things equally but this time around, Afriyie said we won’t share anything equally because he won the award. For me, it’s just this petty-petty things that accumulated that finally resulted in the breakup”. He ended.

Reacting to the claims of Wutah Kobby what led to the break-up of the group, Afriyie revealed that “After our award in 2010, I was driving then I saw in the newspaper that ‘Wutah Splits’, all of a sudden Kobby released an album. I saw Wutah Kobby’s album with KOD’s number on it. His action meant that I’m not needed and I have to start from the scratch. If I’ve been notified earlier by KOD and him, it would have been ok, so then I felt like oo finally I’m just not needed in the group.”

He continued, “I even was the first person to contact Kobby that let’s forget about the past, and just come back together. He replied me that he’s about to travel, and that when he came back he would contact him, and this game continues…..”

On whether they will finally be back. He said, “When he left in 2010, it was a disaster for me, like I wasn’t strong, my career would be dead by now. Richard Agyemang-Berko and I have to build a career from the scratch; I’m now air bound, cruise control, nothing is pulling me back. When he went solo like he succeeded and won Grammy’s, would he come back saying we should be back together.” He questioned.

So there you have it, the Wutah group is just not coming back anytime soon!

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