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Why I arrested Black Sherif – CEO of Cruise People Ltd

Daniel Vanderpuye, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cruise People Ltd, has opened up on the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Black Sherif at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on July 19, 2023.

Elaborating on the events, Mr Vanderpuye said, “Black Sherif and his management have since refused to pick up calls from the Ghana Police since he wanted to solve things with them amicably amid failure to perform at the cruise event, Afro Cruise Jam, he was billed for.”

“We have a civil suit pending, and we would submit the details. And he will be served and look through it for a response, and if he wants to make ends meet, then fine,” Mr Vanderpuye continued.

During an interview on Joy Prime with Kwame Dadzie, he slammed Black Sherif for not honouring his part of the deal. “The way we were treated is unfair, and we don’t want the public to think we are trying to worry his career. We waited to use all sorts of means, and that didn’t happen, and we are here now,” he explained.

“We want our money and not only that…, I am telling you that we paid Multimedia to have an OB here to promote the event. We have released a press statement and stated our losses… If you want a space you pay and that is nonrefundable. When we finally sent the money, we went ahead to pay for the cabins not all, but we did a deposit and because of that they could not sell to the public.

“How is Afro Cruise jam going to come on?… he has totally derailed the process. If we take your word that he will come to an event how sure are we that he is going to come on that day?” Mr Vanderpuye queried.

“We didn’t agree on any other thing. There were two things he was supposed to do. One was to send money and he does the video. I was supposed to take care of his flights, hotels, and other things. If you give me the video I start promoting when the date is due. I buy you your flight, and you go after the performance. In fact, he wasn’t invited, he was arrested,” Mr Vanderpuye concluded.

Securing an arrest warrant from court, the police finally arrested Black Sherif for breach of contract at the KIA, setting the date today, July 20, 2023, to mediate affairs between the two parties at the police headquarters in a civilian manner.

As the investigation unfolds and the mediation takes place, both parties await a resolution to this contentious contractual dispute.


Source : adomonline

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