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Vote buying could collapse Ghana’s democracy – Dr Akwetey

The Executive Director for the Institute of Democratic Governance (IDEG) has warned of a possible collapse of Ghana’s democratic system if vote buying is not stopped ahead of November polls.

He says the practice and several others undermine Ghana’s democratic system which calls for urgent attention.

Speaking on Burning Issues, a segment on the Super Morning Show on Luv FM Thursday, Dr. Akwetey observed the power of the ordinary Ghanaian is gradually being sold to the rich politicians.

“It is not the power of the people that is governing Ghana now but the power of people who have money. They have different agenda than serving the public good and are exploiting the system”. He stressed.

Dr. Emmanuel Akwetey told host David Akwettey mandated institutions like police should confront the issue head-on.

He said: “I think we need to confront these things because if we undermine the value of the vote and the importance of it in strengthening democracy we are going to create such crisis for the system that it will collapse”.

The situation, according to him means cronies are being put in strategic positions where the laws of the land cannot be enforced.

“There is a small group of people that is controlling this democracy and not for public good but for their pocket”.
Some callers admitted selling their votes during elections, ignorant of the consequences.

The way forward, according to Dr. Akwetey is for relevant institutions to intensify civic education.

Meanwhile, the Principal Civic Education Officer of the National Commission on Civic Education in Ashanti region, Kwabena Abayie, says politicians should be blamed for creating compromised conditions which compel voters to accept money in exchange for their votes.

“As we raise the civil consciousness of the people, there are challenges. The challenges are the general conditions within which the voters find themselves; [they are] compelled to accept money to vote,” he said.
But despite the challenge, NCCE will not give up in a bid to address the trend through public education.

“We are not giving up, we will continue to educate and raise civic consciousness. And make them know that buying vote subvert the democratic processes that we have or subscribe to”. Mr. Abayie said



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