Sunday , September 19 2021


The activities of delinquent youths overtake the town of Kasoa .crimes at kasoa has gone too far

The increasing rate of violence and crimes in town of Kasoa is becoming unbearable. This situation has threatened the safety and security of the people.

To begin , Kasoa a town in the central region of ghana in recent times is being noted for the wrong reasons. The majority of the people in kasoa are pleading with the government to increase security personnel in the area to stop crime.

In addition, the lack of employment opportunities has created an avenue for people to resort to all forms of means to make ends meet.


The system made me this way.

Moving forward, there was shocking news of two teenagers who killed a 11 year old boy named Ishmael.

Moreover, as parents, guardians or leaders, we should all care about the future of the coming generation.  The involvement of these individuals will help in the nurturing of these young youths.

To continue, authorities should  call all social  leaders, particularly those in our homes. Who are the first point of contact for every child.


  • The media, sometimes known as the “fourth estate of the realm,” is undeniably powerful. They have the ability to persuade, teach, and inform others.
  • However, at this point in our life, when our children are at home, we want media outlets to use their airtime to air educational program’s rather than shocking video. Let’s make responsible use of our digital channels.
  • Every excellent thing needs time to bloom and shine, just as Rome was not created in a day. To achieve and get compensated, you must take your study or craft seriously.

Taking someone’s life in order to pursue a get-rich-quick plan is a heinous crime. It is heinous and illegal. Money is the source of all evil, according to an old saying, and this is true.


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