Sunday , September 19 2021
VIP transport released lists of new fares following the increment in fuel prices
A picture of the VIP Jeoun Transport

VIP Transport Released Lists of New Fares Following the Increment in Fuel Prices

The VIP Jeoun Transport has released a lists of new transport fares following the 13% increment of fuels which will effectively take off this week.

In a press statement issued by the VIP Transport Management, they have announced to the public on its increment of transport fares due to the rise in fuel prices. They have released a list of fares indicating the amount to be paid according to the distance involved.

According to the VIP Transit management, the new fares would be posted on their notice board to inform their cherished customers on the increment of fares.

Therefore, they entreat all passengers to be noted and adhere to this information.


For immediate release.
Fare increases as announced.
1. Accra to Kumasi EXECUTIVE Ghc 60.
2. Accra to Kumasi TOUR Ghc 50.
3. Accra to Sunyani Ghc 75.
4. Accra to Sampa Ghc 100.
5. Accra to Drobo EXECUTIVE Ghc 90.
6. Accra to Drobo TOUR Ghc 70.
7. Accra to Dormaa EXECUTIVE Ghc 85.
8. Accra to Dormaa TOUR Ghc 70
9. Accra to Techiman Ghc 75.
10. Accra to Nkoranza Ghc 75.
11. Accra to Kintampo Ghc 80.
12. Accra to Babani Ghc 60.
13. Accra to Bonsu Nkwanta Ghc 80.
14. Accra to Juaboso Ghc 90.
15. Sefwi Debiso Ghc 80.
16. Accra to Sankore Ghc 65.
17. Accra to Mim Ghc 55.
18. Accra to Mim Ghc 75.
19. Accra to Kasapii Ghc 70.
20. Accra to Suaman Dadieso Ghc 80.
21. Accra to Asante Bekwai Ghc 65.
22. Dunkwa Ghc 70.
23. Accra to Diaso Ghc 60.
24. Accra to Oboasi Ghc 65.
25. Accra to Wassa Akropong Ghc 65.
26. Accra to Tarkwa Ghc 60.
27. Accra to Bogoso Ghc 60.
28. Accra to Prestea Ghc 60.
29. Accra to Enchi Ghc 80.
30. Accra to Asankragua Ghc 75.
31. Accra to Tamale Ghc 135.
32. Accra to Yendi Ghc 140.
33. Accra to Bolga Ghc 155.
34. Accra to Wa Ghc 140.
35. Accra to Bawku Ghc 165.
36. Accra to Asante Mampong Executive ghc 65.
37. Accra to Asante Mampong TOUR Ghc 55.
38. Accra to Ejura Ghc 60.
39. Accra to Yeji Ghc 75.
40. Accra to Nandom Ghc 150.
42. Accra to Hamile Ghc 155.
43. Wa to Kumasi Ghc 80.
Story by: Selimatu Issawu/

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