Wednesday , April 24 2024

These Photos Of Kalybos Before Fame Will Leave You In Tears

This is Kalybos

Real name, Richard Asante, he is known for starring alongside Ahuof3 Patri in “Boys Kasa“, YouTube skit.


Kalybos has upgraded

From a short-film actor to a full-blown actor and currently has two movies to his name, “Kalybos in China” and recently, “Amakye & Dede“.

He probably wanted to be a gangster like 50 cent or something like that …. well, this is how he carried himself around.

Little Kalybos

image:kalybos Boyskasa/Facebook

Did you know that Kalybos was a musician

image:kalybos Boyskasa/FacebookKalybos, is that you fam? *LMAO*

image:kalybos Boyskasa/FacebookHe definitely had his swag on

image:kalybos Boyskasa/FacebookErrrm! What is going on here?

image:kalybos Boyskasa/FacebookHe even had grillz? Whoa! Kalybos???
image:kalybos Boyskasa/FacebookSigh! Too much OMGVoice for me today
image:kalybos Boyskasa/Facebook

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