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Polythene Bags Is a Type Of Container made of Thin, Flexible or Plastic Textile.

the use of waste disposable bags is becoming serviceable in Ghana and being used as Liners for small trash cans.

it serves as a source at the beach to store wet towels in after a fun day at the beach.

Also, it keeps car seats dry and beach bags don’t get mildew from the moisture in the wet beach towels.

Also, the use of waste disposable bags serviceable in Ghana also serves as a paints guards, as plaster casts, for clothes pins, for yard sales, for party toys

and as plants protectors by using it around plants in small planters to protect them overnight from the frost.

polythene bags have an overall lesser impact on the environment as opposed to paper bags

and also they require less energy to produce recycle and transport.

polythene bags after use is a great resource for disposables.

polythene bags are the great way to tie off dirty diapers

to take out to the garbage bin or to mask some odor in your main indoor garbage bin before you the trash out.

Serviceable use of waste disposable in Ghana
Stuff them in empty purses or shoes to keep their shape. … and also
Use them when packing for travel. … and also
Quick kitchen clean up for food preparation.










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Written By: Prince Khea

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