Sunday , September 19 2021


The rampant increase of hookups among female youths in Ghana is becoming huge in the country. Lapaz, Accra and circle is a town located in the Greater Accra-Ghana where there are a lot of pubs, restaurants, casino etc.

With this, it is observed for more than 4 years that; the females youth are so much into hookups joint in Lapaz, Circle and Accra.

The rampant increase of hookups among the female youths in Ghana keeps increasing day in day out.

Ghanaian hookups is becoming huge in the country.

The guest for money is making the ladies to sell their virginity to cater for their needs which is not right and expected from our youth females.

reasons that cause all these social problems are peer groups pressure, friends, teachers

and the law contributing to the process of teenager making decision. It all influences the female youths and ends up in such social vices.

Also, some of the causes for being into such acts are; unemployment, poverty, rapid population growth, development, lack of education and gender unfairness,

And also, the single parent household, the single parent households have seriously increased the female youths into drug abuse,

growing too fast, violence in schools, stress and time management, political and social issues and obesity.

Furthermore, Much attention should be drawn to the parents and Also Government needs to strengthen policy and programmed focus on adolescents and also policies must be gender focused and pro equality and provide adolescents with voice and representation in policy processes and broke up by sex before the youth give ways  in so much social vices and also close monitoring and time should be given to the children by parents, teachers and guardians.

This will help as a solution to the act of the social vices of the female youth. Also Government should organize forums that will enlighten the students about the dangers associated with social vices.

The rampant increase of hookups among female youths in Ghana

STORY BY; Prince Khea and Kwame Yogurt

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