Friday , October 30 2020

The beauty of Ghana

The spirit of Ghana

Why would a guy from Germany want to visit a country, where the standards are much lower than in his home country. What reasons could there be for him? Well, there are many reasons to come here. Not to life luxurious or make a vacation in a 5 star hotel, but definitely to see new parts of the world, get a different view on your on life, rethink a lot and appreciate more what you have. As soon as you arrive in this country, you can feel the beautiful spirit of the african people. The sun is shining, the people are friendly and as a german, you wonder how they do it like that. When you are walking down the street or driving in a bus called tro tro, it’s a completely different feeling than at home because everybody is smiling and taking life easy. When you walk down a street in Germany, most of the people are stressed and don’t want eye contact with you. In Ghana, it feels like a community and as soon as you come to this country, you are part of this community.

The african culture and the life in Ghana

The different culture and the people are, what truly make this place special. The landscapes are beautiful. The food is traditional and very good with different spices. But seeing families living on the streets or having small, tiny houses and still being happy makes you rethink a lot. It also makes you appreciate much more what you have, because when you see that these people are happy with having close to nothing but the love of their family, you realise that being happy doesn’t take much. The communication and their open mind is something you don’t see in Germany that often. It feels like the streets are alive and your day is always variable and exciting. The beauty of Ghana shows out in many parts.

Things you have to get familiar with in Ghana

Of course there are also some things, you have to need to get familiar with when you first come here. The hygienic standards are much lower than in Germany. It starts with the water that comes out the water tap. In Germany, we even flush our toilets with water that you could drink. Being in Ghana makes you realise that you were always thinking about that as the most normal thing in the world, but it really is not. One of the things you also recognise immediately is the plastic everywhere. It’s laying on the streets and in the bushes and only gets disposed on big plastic fields where they burn it. A european might have never seen something like that anywhere but on TV. Seeing people living next to those fields give you mixed emotions.

What can you learn in Ghana

All these things make a huge difference to Germany and it takes a little time to get used to it but once you notice how these people live, you will learn what life is really about. You might be in Ghana and really wish to have your normal standards back but seeing how people from other countries live is a very important lesson and a thing everybody should at least do once. It’s true that Ghana is missing some things that Germany has, like the clear water, good running electricity or certain plastic disposal but Germany is really missing the spirit of the african people and the way to see life and to be happy. Ghana is truly a beautiful country with great people and is definitely worth a visit.

Louis Heitland

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