Saturday , May 15 2021
Buggy Car


It is rare in this part of our world to hear about technological breakthrough. Most of the heavy industrial machines and the luxury cars we see on our roads are often imported from US, China, Japan among others. Perhaps, the time has finally come for Ghana to invent her own machines.

A level 300 Mechanical Engineering student, Sabastian Koranteng, from the Takoradi Technical University has manufactured his own buggy car. Koranteng’s invention was supported by his three-member group who are all students from the same institution. reports that Sabastian was supported by Simeon Twum, John Fiagbeto and Samuel Ainoo.

Buggy is used to describe a very lightweight automobile for one or two persons. As automobiles gained worldly experience and became more complex, the term “Buggy” dropped out of use.

This tremendous breakthrough by Sabastian and his colleagues is a good start for Ghana. Let’s hope it doesn’t end there.

By: Benjamin Brew Sam-Paintsil/

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