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irbardSecurity and International Relations Expert, Irbard Ibrahim, has stated that it will be in the best interest of the entire nation to consider the shutdown of social media on the day of elections as a best option.

The Expert was speaking in an interview on Pink 96.9 FM’s Midday news on Monday was commenting about the recent brouhaha that generated when the IGP said at a press conference that they “may consider shutting down social media on the day of election”.

The smooth analyst decried recent misuse of social media which is supposed to have help in yielding productive results but is now an avenue of assassinating the characters of people.

Asked whether he sides with the IGP, the expert said there are two options to imitate that is that of Nigeria and Uganda.

“Nigeria has a higher population than us, they invested in their employers…. apart from hiring the professors, their twitter handle was active and updated regularly…so before anyone could post any untrue results their EC had posted the correct figures…. but in Ghana we have a very high I.T deficit…many institutions cannot even update their websites regularly….Now Uganda opted to shutdown social media completely to prevent anybody from posting anything that could mare the country’s electoral process…….if the shutdown would do as good by ensuring our peace and safety during and after the elections why not?” He said.

But he cautioned the incumbent party not to use this step as a ploy to rig the elections.

Commenting about why the IGP, John Kudalor is been tagged and described as lying in bed with H.E John Dramani Mahama, he said that is normal as according to our practice all heads of state institutions are been appointed by the sitting president and so it creates the impression that those people are working to the tune of the president.

“What matters most is to work according to the professional ethics” He added.

Story: Akwasi Addo,

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