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Sarkodie jabs Yvonne Nelson again in latest song

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has once again ignited the controversy surrounding his feud with actress Yvonne Nelson, stemming from an alleged abortion that occurred a decade ago.

Despite almost two months passing since the initial clash, Sarkodie appears adamant about not letting Yvonne Nelson rest, blaming her for tarnishing his name.

In his latest song titled Check My Zingo featuring Dope Nation, Sarkodie didn’t hold back as he rapped about the nationwide buzz generated by his response to “you-know-who” in a diss song titled Try Me.

He took a direct swipe at her, insinuating that if she cannot handle the pressure or criticism, she should consider leaving the country.

“If they claim what I said broke her heart, then madam flee from Ghana just in case I offend you,” he rapped in Twi.

The lyrics of the song have once again ignited debates among fans and followers of both Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson.

Some are disappointed in the rapper’s decision to bring up past controversies, while others find the ongoing feud between the two prominent figures in the Ghanaian entertainment industry intriguing.

Actress Yvonne Nelson evoked controversy when she named Sarkodie in her ‘I Am Not Yvonne Nelson’ memoir as the Tema-based rapper who impregnated and abandoned her.

This led the rapper to tell his version of events in a song where he claimed the abortion was a mutual decision they made because the baby was detrimental to Yvonne’s eductaion.

In a strong-worded rap, he labelled her a women for the streets and an attention seeker.


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