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Resumption of Academic work in 2021 is a time bomb and needs a review!

Resumption of Academic work in 2021 is a time bomb and needs a review!

Resumption of Academic work in 2021 is a time bomb and needs a review!

Naptgha, a national association of Private Teachers in a press conference on the 1st of September made their displeasure known concerning the resumption of full academic work in 2020 as addressed by the President last Sunday.


The members of the national association of Private teachers Ghana called for a review of the President’s decision on behalf of all private teachers in the nation. The suspension of full academic work in the educational sector due to the Corona pandemic has left many private teachers jobless and penniless. The closure of schools has forced Private teachers to change jobs. Meanwhile, others have resorted to hawking to make ends meet says the President of the Association, Rev. Richard Owiredu.

The Executive of the Association in their press release revealed that the Association’s contribution was not sought by GES. Neither did the Committee (NEC) directed by the President consult them too.  The National Executive Committee (NEC) and the board have the duty of consulting stakeholders in the educational sector. They also reason that if all sectors of the nation are bouncing back to life, then children shouldn’t be denied their fundamental right to learn. Naptgha also stated that the delay in the re-opening of schools has nothing to do with the risks of Corona spread.


Moreover, Naptgha expressed their disappointment in the Akuffo Addo government for neglecting private school teachers. Private school teachers contribute massively to the growth of the nation’s economy. The educational sector’s development also depends on both private and public teachers say, Rev. Arko Mensah, the regional chairman.  Therefore, why discrimination and negligence? He asked.

The Association also revealed that it has prevailed on private teachers to exercise restraint for the past five months. However, all efforts to get the government to pay attention to the plight of Private teachers have failed. The association pledges support for any legitimate action the teachers embark on thereof.

Though Naptgha seeks for a review, they made it clear that the health of the student is also of importance. They emphasized that parents are even lamenting on the extended-stay of children at home. Students at home occupy their day by roaming the neighborhood and getting into all sorts of accidents. School is the safest place for our students since the teachers will keep a keen eye on them.

“The National (NAS) Association Of Private- School Teachers Ghana  (NAPTGHA) considers His Excellency President Nana Akuffo Addo’s announcement of the resumption of full academic work in January 2021 a time bomb and needs review,” says the Press release.  Regardless, any form of aid from the government, whether in monetary value or other forms will be accepted claim the membership of the Association.

Story by: Benedicta Efe Kwarteng/pinkfmonline

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