Sunday , July 21 2024


Rapper, Quata Budukusu, has stated that a tongue twisting battle among rappers of that bracket will be the right way of arriving at who really is the best in Ghana.

Quata is of the view that a battle will not only be the decider but will also serve as a means of promoting the artistes involved.

He is certain that many music lovers would love to behold the scene to satisfy their curiosity.

“I can’t sit here and say I am the King of tongue twisting. People will say I am bluffing. Let’s call for a battle among all the rappers who find themselves in the box… The public judge for something like this so I think we have to put it on tape for everybody to listen and the professionals will judge,” he told Sammy Flex on Pluzz FM’s AM Pluzz, Wednesday.

Adding, “A show of this magnitude has to be at the Conference Centre. It has to be a big spectacle. I think it will be a great thing. People are expecting something like that. Promotion-wise, it’s going to boost everyone’s career. It’s going to be beautiful, it will satisfy a lot of people. That is when we can officially declare who is the biggest.”

The issue of who raps faster than the other has been a topic for discussion on various social media platforms and entertainment show platforms.

Quata also mentioned that only people who are depth will understand when he tongue twists.

“Tongue twisting is a codex, it is a cryptic language. People say they don’t understand some of my raps. It’s because it was not meant for everybody to understand. It’s like sending a message to an upgraded medullar. They need to educate themselves to actually decode certain levels of music,” he told host, Sammy Flex.


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