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A local Government Expert, Mr. Amon Quartey has said that it will cost the country a lot of money to prevent the annual flood which has become a headache in the country.
Ghana especially Accra and other low land areas experiences heavy flood situations during the rainy seasons with such disaster claiming I’ve 200 lives last year when a fuel station caught fire with the fire running over the surface of the flood waters.
With this year rainy season beginning with a little downpour on Saturday evening and a heavy on Sunday afternoon, some parts of Accra and Kasoa in the central region were flooded, displacing people from their homes with others loosing valuable properties.
Mr. Amon Quartey who spoke in an interview on Pink 96.9 Fm suggested that a restructuring and redirecting of resource centers exercise should be done in Accra by “distributing economic activities evenly to the various Metropolitan,Municipalities and Districts”.
He said this will help prevent the choking of gutters with refuse in Accra.
“In fact it will really cost us a lot of money to do that…but we shouldn’t behave as if all hope is completely lost and there is nothing we can do”Mr. Quartey emphasized.

Administratively, Mr. Quartey suggested that a restructure should be done in order to ensure effective administration and proper management of waste.
“The number of People living in Ablekuma Central,South and West is greater than the number of people living in Malta, but the three Ablekuma’s is administratively a sub-metro which is we need to do a restructure”He added.
Mr. Amon Quartey also added that the entire country should be blamed for this annual headache but not the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDA’s) alone.
“The MMDA’s has it stipulated in their act unauthorized structures to live in…..those living in these structures cannot be effectively monitored by the Assemblies in terms of waste management so they throw their refuse anywhere available to them..even in gutters, this ends up choking the gutters resulting to flood….so we are all to blame”Mr Quartey argued.

Story: Akwasi Addo,

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