Tuesday , October 3 2023

Police hunt for ’VOTE NPP 16’ number plate

The Motor Traffic Transport Department (MTTD) of the Ghana Police Service has directed all police personnel to apprehend any vehicle with customized number plat which is more than six letters.

MTTD says under the laws of Ghana, customized numbers are allowed but the letters should not exceed six letters. This means any vehicle owner using customized number plate which is more than six letters did it on his own which goes contrary to the laws of Ghana.

The Director-General of MTTD, ACP Patrick Sarpong gave the directives on Onua FM’s Yen Sempa Friday following complaints from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) that some people are using unapproved number plates.

Some of these vehicles popped up in Kwahu during the Easter celebrations.

Two vehicles have so far been published as flouting the laws. A black Mercedes Benz has been spotted with “GT Ye Wo Krom 16 and a white Hyundai Sonata with registration number VOTE NPP 16”.

ACP Sarpong explained that the DVLA has not given any authorization to these customized numbers, indicating that there is a search to arrest the two vehicles and other unauthorized ones.

He emphasised that one can use his or her name or company’s name for the registration but the letters should not exceed six letters.

Police personnel have therefore been ordered to look out for such unauthorized numbers.


Source: Tv3network.com

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