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Playing Ghanaian songs is common sense, says Rex Omar

Veteran highlife artiste, Rex Omar has likened radio stations playing local songs to a call for Ghanaians to patronise made in Ghana goods, saying it is common sense.

The ‘Paapa’ singer opines that the impact of radio stations playing local songs is enormous on both the artistes and the country, a reason all should consider playing more local songs.

He made the statement on Radio Univer’s Brunch2Lunch on the back of a decision by South African Broadcasting Corporation that 90% local music be played across its 18 radio stations.

“This is just common sense, just like someone saying buy made in Ghana goods. Music is also a product… If you play foreign songs on radio stations and you are to pay royalties, it means you are paying for foreign songs. It’s a matter of you looking inward to develop your economy. The more Ghanaian music is played, the more the money remains in Ghana; the more you will entrench your culture,” he told host Abrantepa.

“What South Africa has done tells me that they are interested in developing their culture and music industry. This is not new. I have been talking about this for the past thirty years but as you know, we love everything that is foreign,” Rex Omar added.

A number of Ghanaian musicians have joined the call for radio presenters to play more local songs to help grow the industry.

With no significant change despite the plea, Rex Omar believes a time will come when radio stations will have to choose between paying royalties to local and foreign artistes. Perhaps, that will compel them to play more local contents.

“In Ghana, we don’t respect our laws. There is a regulation that 70% Ghanaian music should be played but who follows? Nobody cares… More radio stations don’t pay royalties. They just play the songs; they don’t log in. Now that the law is being enforced, if you want to pay royalties to foreign artistes go ahead. You will play more for playing foreign songs than local ones. For me, it doesn’t make sense,” he noted.

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