Thursday , January 21 2021
Our kids are writing 2021



On Tuesday July 14 2020 according to a report, the country has recorded 25,252 confirmed cases and 139 death. Due to this, parents are saying “our kids are writing 2021”.

senior high school

After all, schools are not adhering to the social distancing protocol. Schools are having more than 4 students in a dormentry which is helping to spread the virus faster. Before the reopening of senior high schools, confirmed cases in the country were 15,000 +.


During the President’s 12th address to the nation,  he stated that,some personal protective equipment (PPEs) have been distributed to schools across the country. Yet schools are saying “it is not enough”  considering their number of students.

” Other countries like Nigeria and Kenya have postponed theirs, so what is Ghana waiting for”? says parents. Therefore, our kids are writing 2021″

Students are also living in fear and due to this, other sicknesses are killing some of them thinking is COVID-19.

Recently a student of KNUST SHS died of ulcer but school authorities were thinking the student have been affected by the virus and because of this they didn’t give him any medical attention and his friends that helped him were also punished for helping him.


Early Tuesday morning (JULY 14 2020), Accra Girls SHS had recorded 50 cases. Therefore, parents are asking government to shut down schools and allow the kids to come home and the WASSCE should be written 2021 before things get out of hand..

Some of the parents thinks this is one of their politic games. Here is the case government

Some of the parents thinks this is one of their politic games. Here is the case government is felling adamant saying some of the students have already contacted the virus therefore if they are allow to go home the probability of the number of cases increasing in the country is very high.

Thus, there will be a general testing for all students across in other to separate the affected ones from the non-affected ones.

Government are also saying they are certain that before the end of this year, every thing will get back to normal therefore parents should not worry about their kids entering into university.

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