Friday , November 27 2020
Nzulezu Teachers


Teachers of Nzulezu School in the Western Region of Ghana are calling on the government for support. They want the government to provide them with facilities that will reduce their challenges related to education.

In an interview with some of the teachers, they stated that due to them living on the river,sanitation in the community is poor. This is because they drink,bath,wash,fish,urinate and probably ease themselves into the river.

They also said even though the school is a government school,it ends at primary six. There are only three government teachers and five community teachers which is not helping in terms of academics on the side of the students.

They again complained of their computers being destroyed every time it rains and their rooms getting flooded at such seasons.

Some teachers also mentioned that there is no hospital or clinic in the community. One has to cross the river to Beyin,a town before Nzulezu which is miles away to seek medical attention.

They did mention of few speed boats which help them go to school or destination on time because the kayak uses an hour and ten minutes. But due to its less number,it rather creates traffic which leads to lateness in all day to day activities.

Also,they emphasized on the school feeding programme which is not working in the school. Most students starve when they get to school due to financial challenges in the community.

These concerned teachers are therefore calling on the government to visit and assist them in their educational sector. This will help improve the academic output of students and input of teachers as a whole.

Story by:Emmanuela Naadu Lartey/

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