Thursday , June 17 2021
MP donates a motorcycle and GHS 6000 to Offinso Immigration Service

Motorcycle and GHS6000 donated to Ghana Immigration Service at Offinso by MP

The Member of Parliament for Offinso South constituency, Dr. Isaac Yaw Opoku has donated a motorcycle and an amount of GHS 6000 to Offinso immigration service in Ashanti region.

The donation was made on 2nd June, 2021 at his constituency to help and assist them in their work. The constituency secretary, Mr. Nsiah Aboakye delivered the donations on behalf of the MP. He also explained the purpose of the donations from the MP, Dr. Yaw Opoku. Mr. Nsiah revealed that the Commander in Offinso made a complaints to the MP on the inadequate infrastructure at the work place.. The MP realized what he said was true and therefore provided some requested materials they asked for.

“The MP went to a tour in the constituency and the Commander disclosed the problems they were facing. Where to sit to work was even a challenge for them. So the MP suggested a container or a building for the commander and motorcycle for its people. Therefore the MP has provided them with a motorcycle and GHS 6000 for the construction,” said Mr. Nsiah.

The Municipal Commander, Mr. Abraham Ewudzie, on behalf of the entire team welcomed the giveaways and thanked the MP. Again, Mr. Abraham, who is also the assistant superintendent of the Immigration service appreciated the fact that Dr. Isaac Opoku heard their plea and provided them with these donations.

“Hon. Dr. Isaac Opoku fulfilled his promise and has provided them with a motorcycle and an amount of GHS 6000. In addition, Mr. Ewudzie said the money given was for the construction of the office. I and my team members thank the MP for what he has done for Offinso south constituency particularly the Immigration service,” said the Commander.

Call Municipal Commander Mr. Abraham Ewudzie (0244541139)

Story by: Selimatu Issawu/


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