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Mobile money is a technology that allows people to receive, save, redraw or send money across using a mobile phone. Mobile money is a known option because its easy to use; that is it can be done everywhere. It was introduced in Ghana in the year 2009 by a telecommunications company ( MTN).

The introduction of mobile money has benefited in a lot of ways. Some of these are;
Multipurpose, a lot of people can use mobile money for different purposes. One can save, receive, redraw or send money across the country.
It’s also very fast and convenient. Users receive and send money instantly without any difficulties.
It saves a lot of time as well. Gone were the days where there was nothing like mobile money, people queue at banks and it wasted a lot of time.
But in spite of all the good aspects of it, should it be abolished?

Agents take a lot of risk just to make a living and also make transactions easier for their customers. A lot of them have been defrauded by all these fraudsters, most have lost their jobs and capitals. Some have been arrested for a crime they know nothing about especially those who work for others to get paid.

Do we think it has created a lot of problems? There was a situation where a customer accused a mobile money vendor of giving her counterfeit. According to the vendor, the customer came there some days ago, she argued why she couldn’t detect whether she was given a fake money or not and why must she come back after days to say she was given a fake cedi note.

All these accusations put the vendors at risk. Customers also face so many problems. A lot of them have been defrauded as well. Most customers have lost their money to fraudsters. Rumours also has it that, most of these fraudsters have links with the operators at the various telecommunications offices who give them information about the amount in people’s accounts.

The managers must ensure that, the technicians should send regular message to their customers regularly to educate them about these acts. Seminars to be held to educate agents. Managers should ensure discipline and code of ethics among employees. Vendors should get machines that can detect counterfeit.
In conclusion, in their search for business growth, mobile money providers and users need to implement measures that can be appropriate for both users and providers.


Source: Donkor Millicent

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