Wednesday , July 24 2024
Two student have been found due to the heavy rainfall which caused flooding in Madina zongo market.


Two student have been dead due to the heavy rainfall which caused flood in Madina Zongo Market.

Madina Zongo is a community located in Accra, the capital city of Ghana. Madina Zongo is known for its vibrant and diverse population,  reflecting the cultural mosaic of Ghana.

Massive damage  occurred in Madina  Ghana yesterday afternoon due to the heavy rain. When it rain heavily, most rural areas are effected by floods.   .Yesterday we received a news from Madina Zongo Market that , there have been fatalities ( two dead caseS) due to the flooding. The incident was described in detailed by the reporter.

According to the reporter, when it rain heavy the whole area get flooded and this has been happening for the past few months. They came into this issue in the neighborhood, causing misery and the entire town to suffer. Waste materials have choked and destroyed the majority of gutters and water bodies, which is what caused this floods.

According to the reporter, the local authorities in the community have requested assistance from the government to come to their aid. We ask the government to assist the community in resolving this situation. The current scenario is this, and further research is being done. We will keep you updated, and we send our condolences to the victims’ families.


Story By: Baffour Sarah/

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