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kojo oko residents pleads to government on hindered projects by GetfundKojo Oko  Residents Pleads To Government To Complete The GETFUND Project Being Hindered In Their Community To Enable Them Get Better Access To Education.

Kojo Oko is a community which is located in the Gomoa East district which estimated over 2000 people in the community.

Hence, Kojo Oko D/A Basic school is the only government school built in the community of Gomoa East District over a population of 2000 people’s.

weak and poor infrastructure of schools has been a major problem for the people of Kojo Oko where by students finds it difficult to get access to a better education.

students are over 120 in a class which causes traffic in a single classroom where by the room cant contain all the students

KOJO OKO RESIDENTS PLEADS GOVERNMENT ON HINDERED PROJECTS BY GETFUND and seeks for more classrooms and staff rooms for teachers

and also, they find it difficult in writing and learning whereby some students sit on the flour

and some also at the windows when there’s a teacher in class teaching.

teachers also finds it difficult in accessing their student and also in teaching because,

is very hard for students to understand or to focus on what they are being

taught in the classroom and also feels uncomfortable when learning.

lack of classrooms or infrastructure in Kojo Oko community serves as an

effect for the students whereby they sometimes needs to sit under trees to study

also becomes a holiday for students when ever it rains because there is no room for them.

and build more classrooms and teachers staff for them to be able to have a better education system

KOJO OKO RESIDENTS PLEADS TO GOVERNMENT ON HINDERED PROJECTS BY GETFUND to Access better Education-Kojo Oko Residents deserves National Property.

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