Saturday , May 15 2021
Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian reportedly “doesn’t care” that you were mad about her birthday party

Kim Kardashian reportedly knows people were angry about her lavish vacation in the midst of a worldwide pandemic — she just doesn’t care, a source claims.

An insider told Us Weekly that Kardashian is paying no mind to the controversy over her 40th birthday festivities, which involved a private jet, a private island, and private villas for her and her closest friends and family.

“Her birthday party was so much fun, and she had an absolute blast. She’s in a better mood with all her friends surrounding her,” a source told the magazine.

“Even though she’s getting backlash for taking her friends away, she doesn’t care. She thinks it’s because people are jealous. She wanted to celebrate turning 40, and she’s happy with where she’s at in life and knows who she is and is more confident than ever.”

“Kim doesn’t care about the backlash,” a second source added. “She sees celebs have a birthday party on a beach in Malibu and it’s fine, but because she has the means to safely transport her family, she is torn down for it. The party was amazing. It was just family and Kim’s closest friends — really just her core group.”


Source : adomonline

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