Friday , August 6 2021
Head of The African Centre for Security Services, Mr. Paul Boateng


According to the Head of the African Centre for Security Services, Mr. Paul Boateng has said the IGP has to be blamed for the robbery at Jamestown.  

This comes in the wake of the deadly attack on a bullion van on Monday at Jamestown in Accra. The Bank of Ghana issued a directive to all banks in the country in December last year. All banks were to use bulletproof bullion vans to transport their monies. Most of the banks did not follow the directive and still used non-bulletproof bullion vans.

According to Mr. Paul Boateng, it was the job of the IGP to enforce the directive. Using a bulletproof bullion van would make sure that the money was safely transported. Also, those transporting it would be safe.

Mr. Boateng further said that the IGP’s statement regarding the robbery was late. The crime had already been committed and the directive should have been enforced earlier.

He also said that in order to curb crime, all citizens with unauthorized guns would have to turn them in. He advised the government to prepare and implement a law to make sure that all persons with guns would deliver them to the appropriate quarters.

The Head of the African Centre for Security Services also said that the intelligence-led police initiative was a good way to ensure security in Ghana. However, he advised the police not to adopt Western strategies to protect Ghanaians because it might not work. Rather, he said they should develop a method which would be effective in protecting the Ghanaians.

Mr. Paul Boateng further stressed on the need to seize all guns owned by civilians, land guards and chiefs. According to him, it would go a long way to reduce crime in the country and keep the people safe.


Story by: Sylvia Aba Arthur/

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