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Horror at wedding as groom’s father collapses and dies whilst presenting gift

Pomp and fanfare ended in tears when the groom’s father collapsed and died soon after presenting his gift at a wedding ceremony.

The wedding which was held on Good Friday later turned into a funeral as they mourned the groom’s father.The now deceased only identified as Moyo reportedly died soon after blessing his son’s marriage and presenting his gift.

The incident left Bulawayo’s Old Lobengula residents in shock.A neighbour who spoke on the condition of anonymity said:”As residents we were shocked when we heard about the incident.

“It was at the wedding during gift presentation when he collapsed and died..”

The source revealed that the incident disturbed wedding proceedings as people were no longer in the celebratory mood.

“We understand he was ferried to hospital and was declared dead upon arrival disturbing the wedding mood.

“The same house where we knew there was a wedding,there was later a funeral gathering and Moyo was buried on Easter Monday,”said the source.

When B-Metro visited the Moyo family to find out what had happened,the elders confirmed the incident.

“It is true,our brother died at his son’s wedding,but we only came to Bulawayo when we heard about his death so better talk to his wife and children as they have first hand information.” Moyo’s children refused to discuss the issue with the media.



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