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Heads will roll – Kantanka reacts to reports they snubbed ‘Ghana to London’ travellers’ request

Upon their successful arrival in London, narratives have started rising that corporates are trying to tap into Wonderlust Ghana’s glory despite failing to render them any support.

The group of 12 successfully completed a remarkable 16-day journey which span over 10,000km on Sunday.

Engaging the media before their arrival, one of the travellers, Richard Anim, disclosed they had limited support and sponsorship,bespecially from corporate organisations they reached out to.

Among the few organizations he described as ‘fair weather friends’ Mr Anim singled out Kantanka Automobile, which they said failed to even give them audience.

He is quoted to have said that, “we approached Kantanka for a meeting, but we didn’t get any support from them. They didn’t even give us the time of day, they didn’t give us the audience. They didn’t even bother.”

This caused the Ghanaian-owned automobile company to face severe backlash and trolling.

In reaction, the Chief Executive Officer of Kantanka, Kwadwo Safo, has vehemently denied the negative reports, clarifying that he was never contacted.

Mr Safo added that he would have personally loved to be part of such adventurous trip.

“Heads will roll,” he said in a tweet which has since garnered massive interactions.

Meanwhile, Wonderlust Ghana has confirmed that they have spoken to the CEO and he explained why he was unavailable at the time of the request.


Source : adomonline

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