Sunday , July 21 2024

Hannah Tetteh warns facebook imposters

Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Hannah Tetteh has cautioned some imposters who have made her their target to desist from the criminal activities.

According to the minister some unknown people are sending facebook request to her friends with fake accounts using her profile pictures with malicious intent.

The minister this morning took to her facebook page urging all her friends to ignore any new facebook requests with her name and profile pictures.
hannah tetteh

Foriegn Affairs Minister,Hannah Tetteh

See the minister´s post below

I know that I haven’t posted on FB for a while, but for all those creating fake accounts using my name and uploading my photographs and posting onto those accounts, please be advised that pretending to be Hanna Tetteh will not make you Hanna Tetteh. Why don’t you want to use this platform with your own identity? Aren’t you proud of who you are as a person? Don’t you believe that God made each of us in a special way and that you also have something unique to share with the rest of the world. For my friends who have received friend requests from any new “Hanna Tetteh” account with the same profile picture that I have right now, if you were considering responding affirmatively because you thought it was me then please don’t. I’m still right here, but I’ll endeavor to be much more regular in using this platform to stay in touch. I hope you have a wonderful day! Best Wishes & God bless


Source: GhanaWeb

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