Sunday , June 16 2024

Gifty Osei questions why men ‘always forget important days’

Looks like someone forgot an important date for gospel musician Gifty Osei. In a recent post up on IG, she questioned why men ‘always forget important days’, with the caption below;

Pleas can someone tell me y some of de men always don’t remember wedding anniversary date ,kids birthday n de wife’s birthday pls some one should tell me y ?…… gud morning”.

After reading her caption, we would also like to question her on why women get so emotional when men forget important dates. Why men forget these dates is so easy. Men are breadwinners. We’re programmed like that, and will be judged according to our outputs but women especially.

From one of her comments being busy in not a good reason. Check out the screenshot below..

To the lovely ladies out there, when your man forgets important dates, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. Don’t get so sunk in your thoughts.

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