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Fuse ODG disappointed me; he signed me for hype – Feli Nuna

Ghanaian artiste Feli Nuna has in a series of tweets explained why she didn’t renew her two-year contract with Fuse ODG’s Off Da Ground record label.

Responding to claims by Fuse ODG that she was impatient while at the label, Feli wrote that Fuse reneged on the terms they agreed on before she got into the deal.

“At this point I believe Fuse ODG signed me to his label for hype. Just for show. He wasn’t ready to do the work. I really had high hopes. Fuse disappointed me, to be honest,” she tweeted.

Fuse ODG disappointed me; he signed me for hype - Feli Nuna 

According to Feli Nuna, in 2020 after being independent for almost two years she was offered two record deals; “one from an American Record Label based in New York for $135,000 plus incentives; and OFF DA GROUND for no money(but a good percentage of splits of revenue and masters).”

She added that she chose ODG because of her friendship with him and his achievements as an artiste.

“More over I was convinced by the songs we had started recording since 2019.

I believed that with hard work and dedication we were going to make way more than what was offered me in the US deal,” she noted.

Feli also said that she signed to Off Da Ground record label in 2020 to build her brand and make money. However, things did not go the way she wanted.

“Unfortunately my full time career was treated like a part-time hobby. No accountability. Bare minimum effort. After several appeals both personally and officially nothing changed,” the ‘Towel’ singer wrote.

After her two-year contract with ODG ended in 2022, she added she refused to renew it because she was offered “an un-encouraging amount for the production and promotion” of her incoming project ‘Big Girl Pants’.

Explaining further her decision not to extend the contract, she mentioned in her tweets that “the dedication and efficiency the label was already showing her was minimal.”

“They were giving me bare minimum. I work too hard. I deserve more,” she stated.

The singer and rapper also noted that she was patient while she endured “the excruciating term of the 2 year contract amidst all these challenges.”

Feli Nuna

A few weeks ago, Fuse ODG said in an interview with 3FM that Feli was not patient to grow with his label.

“I did not stop working with Feli. I felt she could be more patient. She just wanted to see quicker results and we had just been working for a year. So like I’m saying you can’t expect things to just like in a year. Yeah. Gotta be patient but keep pushing,” he said.

While at Fuse ODG’s record label, Feli Nuna released songs such as ‘Anadwo’, and ‘Towel.


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