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Fans warn Ama Mcbrown to stay off Afia Schwarz

Fans of Nana McBrown are clearly uncomfortable with her being friends with controversial radio personality, Afia Schwarzenegger, as she has revealed on social media.

Recently, McBrown posted a picture of herself and Afia Schwarzenegger on her Instagram page showing the two are close friends. But it seems Nana Ama’s fans are not at all happy with their friendship.

Some of her fans have advised her to stay away from the presenter, Afia Schwarzenegger.

The controversial Afia has got tremendous publicity in the media for series of clashes with so many celebrities including, Kennedy Agyapong, Pastor Obinim, Delay, to mention a few. Some say her celebrity feuds brought her to popularity more than her radio show.

Read some of the comments McBrown’s fans wrote to her:

Lucyeshun99: Nana Ama pls don’t take Afia aas your friend because she is not a lady, just becareful of her.

Sakyiwaanana: I love u all except Afia schwar. She should be calm and humble if she wants to flow with you because that’s what you are , humble but great.

His_lordship_muktar: Nana Ama be careful with that girl

Ellengouldwhite20: My number one finest actress, Ghanaians really love you because you are a woman with virtue and class and proud of u as well? Pls I think its better if you don’t post pic wit dat uncultured girl called Afia, she is just wannabe and have no dignity as well, pls ignore her quick before her uncivilised insulting committee turns to your page and showering u with praises like they like u …but will later turn against u wen something goes wrong? she is the last person I think u should mingle with? And to those asking the queen of all beauties to invite that uncultured girl on her Aben show do think she deals with brainless people like that girl, and how do dey even eat the food after was, with that watering stinking mouth of hers .WE LOVE U NANA.

Miz_cutiz: Nana Ama looking beautiful as always and what is Afia doing in this pic anyway she is da ugly one in this pic, attention seekers fuo wokrom.

Mizzboat: Nana I’ve loved you and want to see you in every GH movies I watch. …my humble plea is to kindly stay away from that girl, am scared to mention her name because of the insults she will rain on me…I would always want to see you and be happy as always

Ephianyamekye: Nana u have worked hard to get to where you are today. U know what is best for you, just be careful the people u open ur doors to. They can destroy what you have worked for just in a sec.

Akuaapalmer: Classy Nana we adore you so much please don’t get mixed up with the Afia chic pls we love you.

Nanahamma_1: Lol…..Nana Ama I know how u ve struggled to earn ur dignity. Pls delete this post asap and never take a pic with her again. We Ashantis respect elders so be friends with the likes of Emelia and not Afia!“.



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