Wednesday , April 24 2024

Ellen White claims she has benefitted nothing from the Ghana Actors Guild

Actress Ellen Kyei White has disclosed that she has benefited nothing after many years of joining Ghana Actors Guild. In an interview with Abrantepa on Radio Univers’ Brunch 2 Lunch, the actress who admitted that she is a member of the guild stated that it’s been long since she attended the association’s meetings.

She further blamed executives of the guild for her absenteeism since they do not inform her on the association’s activities.

“To be frank with you, it’s been long since I went for their meetings because I don’t have anyone who gives me feedback on their activities. I don’t get anybody telling me today we are going for meeting or today we are doing this activity here. I don’t actually know what is going on at GAG”

According to her, members of the guild used to get information reminding them of meetings and other activities but all have stopped which makes it difficult to update herself.

White also blamed division in the movie industry as a major problem hindering the success of the association.

“For now it looks like there is a division between the English and Twi movies. With this kind of attitude, I don’t see any strength in our industry. If we are all to come together as one I think the guild would be strong.”

When Abrantepa, host of the mid-morning show on Radio Univers in Accra asked what she has gained from Ghana Actors Guild after many years of being a member, the beautiful actress answered, “so far I’ve benefited nothing from it. This will not make me tell others not to join because I don’t want the association to collapse.”

She further advised executives of the guild to bring oneness among their members to help progress the actors guild.

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