Monday , September 25 2023

Efya chooses Mugeez over Akwaboah

It’s been debated over and over that between Mugeez of R2bees and Akwaboah of SarkCess music, who the better vocalist is.

According to Efya, she would Mugeez over Akwaboah.

When Efya was asked by Prince Benjamin on Class Fm that when it comes to vocal performance, Mugeez and Akwaboah, who her pick is, she answered;

“Mugeez is the better vocalist. Akwaboah can sing, if you get what I mean, may be because of his Church environment, but they both have amazing voices. Mugeez has an absolutely great voice. Akwaboah also got the pitch.”

She continued “But sometimes I also think Akwaboah is better than Mugeez, it basically depends on the song, my mood, I just don’t even know who to choose.” She ended.

Efya is set to launch his Janesis album come April 22nd.



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