Sunday , June 16 2024

Democracy will lose without smaller parties– GCPP

Leader and 2016 Presidential Candidate of the Great Consolidated People Party(GCPP), Dr Henry Herbert Lartey says democracy will be the loser if the Electoral Commission carries through its decision to close down smaller parties which lack offices across the country.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has for sometime now been considering barring political parties without adequate number of offices across the country from participation in the 2016 general elections.

The Constitution stipulates that all political parties must have at least offices in two-thirds in all 216 districts in the country.

This decision compelled the Kumasi-based businessman and flagbearer of the breakaway United People’s Party (UPP), Mr. Akwasi Addae Odike, to suggest an acceptance of ‘offices under trees’, in order to take pressure off the younger parties.

According to him, the EC should accept makeshift offices, explaining that political parties that cannot afford to rent big offices must be allowed to erect temporary structures that can accommodate them.

However, in an interview with Kasapa FM’s Maame Broni, Dr. Lartey said the smaller parties help in enhancing democracy and shaping the nation with their various ideologies.

“Why would they think of closing our parties down just because of offices? Do we run the country with offices or ideas? Multiparty system helps in shaping a Nation. Allow the small parties function till they crash on their own and exit the scene” livid Dr Lartey said.

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