Sunday , September 19 2021
Sabastian Takyi (car Owner), Chorkor Police Officer
Sabastian Takyi (car Owner)


A police officer  stationed at the CHORKOR police Command, has been accused of allegedly assaulting  Sabastian Takyi, a car owner.

Speaking with the victim, he asked his driver to update the car’s road wealthy. Thus he suggested  the Awudomi branch of the DVLA.

During the Print out of the road wealthy Certificate incurred some error in the month of its expiry.

The DVLA’s machine printed the Expiry date as June ending instead of July ending. Hence, the officers at the DVLA have admitted that, it was a printing mistake at their end.

Car owner Sabastian said, when the driver was working today,  some police officers believing to be working with the Chorkor Command,  stopped the driver of holding a dead road wealthy Certificate.

According to the report, all the explanations given to the police by the driver Papa Yaw ended futile. As a result of that he called his car owner to come in…

The car owner according to him, upon reaching the police station began to know the problem.

Mr. Sabastian Takyi  asked the police officer why his car had been ceased at the station. Another police officer from nowhere started slapping him from the back and dragged him. This was simply because he asked his boss a question.

In his assertions, the police officer did not only assault him but also started tearing apart the shirt he was wearing. He later threatened him that, he (Takyi) will die. The offence of the chorkor police officer should not be overlooked so as to serve as caution to others.

Kingdom news after that, approached the DVLA officer Mr. Ofori who rendered the service to the driver. Franky, he admitted that, it was a printing error. Besides, the back of the certificate had ben endorsed  which the driver can use without any problem.

Mr. Ofori added that, the purpose of endorsing the back page of the certificate is to send a notice to any uniform person who stops him. Adding that, the holder is right to go and has not committed any offence.

Mr. Sabastian Takyi,  said the police officers at the Chorkor Command have infringed his right. He clearly putting him behind bars for asking a question…




Story by: Vera Aganu/

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