Friday , May 17 2024

Atletico keeper apologises for supporting Real

Sara Ezquerro submitted a letter to the media to clarify the controversy surrounding the photo that shows her celebrating Real Madrid‘s Champions League title.

The Atletico Madrid Feminas B goalkeepers professionalism was put in doubt after a picture of her surfaced at the Cibeles fountain, so she decided to explain her side of the story by writing a letter to Atleti’s supporters.

“Ever since I was little Ive been a Real Madrid fan, despite my dads passionate fondness of Atletico, hence Ive celebrated both these teams successes along the years.

“Ive played for Atletico Feminas for the last three seasons, proudly defending the Rojiblancos colours , showing excitement and commitment in every match or training session.

“Ive cried at our losses and celebrated the triumphs in that jersey, proudly representing Atleti in the Madrid regional squad and on the Spanish national team.

“There are lots of top level players in the football world who defend their colours with the utmost grit and sacrifice even if they happen to be supporters of a different team.

“We are supposed to cheer on the team that enables us to play this sport.

“I acknowledge I made a mistake and Im willing to accept the consequences.

“I must say that I never gave consent to my friend to post that picture.

“It was taken before the match, so we were not celebrating anything as the outcome of the clash hadnt been decided.

“Im just 17 years old, yet another young victim of a wrong use of social media.

“I hope my case helps those who may find themselves in a similar situation.

“Im now paying for my mistake, as Im seeing my face in the media and Im enduring all sorts of personal attacks.

“I now understand that one must be a professional for 24 hours a day, both on and off the field.

“To offend the Atletico fan base was never my intention and for that I am sorry.

“I offer my most sincere apologies to all Rojiblancos who may have felt upset with the picture, especially in a moment of deep sadness and disappointment as it was.”

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