Sunday , October 1 2023

Abu Ramadan asks Court to order EC to validate register

In his latest move for a clean voters register, Former PNC youth Organizer, Abu Ramadan is asking the Supreme Court to order the Electoral Commission to validate the existing electoral roll.

Abu Ramadan wants the apex court to compel the EC to validate the register if it fails to grant his call for a fresh electoral roll.

Already some pressure groups are mounting pressure on the EC to conduct a validation exercise, something the EC has been reluctant to do.
Speaking to Joy News’ Raymond Acquah, lawyer for Abu Ramadan said validation is the best alternative since the register in its current state is not fit for purpose.

Referring to the report of the committee set by the Electoral Commission to investigate calls for a new register, Nana Asante Badiatuo said the validation process is only prudent.

The Crabbe committee spoke about the presence on the register of about 600,000 dead people since 2012 and that it is a dangerous situation to have because we have never had a presidential election in which the margin of victory was 600,000.

“It is always a small figure and that they believe that kind of number of dead people on the register can lead to the manipulation of election results.
“So we also have to take steps to get them off the register.

“The record validation process is simple. It asks every registered voter to come to the polling station within a three week period as happened in Nigeria and in the UK to sort of justify their inclusion,” he explained.

He said if somebody is dead that person will not come to validate, and even if you don’t show up you will not be on the list to vote in November.
He said those who show up to validate must prove they are who they say they are.

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